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I am 31 years old and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years now! We have two children, one boy (9) and one girl (7)! I was very athletic in High School and began modeling and working out right after high School. I had been a steady size 5 in high school and went down to a size 1 for modeling! I was so skinny! Anyways, after two complicated pregnancies on bed rest for months, I found myself 90 lbs heavier! I have struggled for 9 years now trying to get the weight off. I have finally gotten somewhere!!! :



Friday, July 2, 2010

Not Feeling It Workout

I was feeling super tired and drained today! I did not want to do anything today including cook or clean. I did not eat breakfast (bad bad) and I chose to eat Japanese Take out for lunch. I decided NOT to eat dinner b/c I over ate at lunch and still felt sick from it. YUCK. I also drank a fountain coke and nothing else, so before my workout I drank 12 ozs of water and I am hoping to fit in a few more glasses before bed!

My workout today was approximately 10 minutes.

 25 sit ups
25 reverse crunches
50 bicycle crunches
25 regular push ups
10 Military Push ups
25 Squats (body weight only)
25 Sumo Squats (Body weight Only)
10 Backward lunges
35 Jumping Jacks
10 knee tuck jumps

I plan to try and fit in a few more later this evening and I will report back if I do!

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