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Saturday, June 30, 2012

UPDATE! New swimsuit and New shoes!

Its always exciting when we get to buy something NEW!!! 

So I have new running shoes and a couple new swimsuits! BUT I only have a pic of one of them. I took this pic to show my progress! I am super excited to be able to wear a two piece again!

Here are my new shoes found at a great price!! 

The are SUPER light weight and very comfortable! 

THIS is ONE of my new swimsuits! YAY!!

I just can not believe I can wear a 2 piece again! I am still trying to get used to being in one and still feel slightly uncomfortable in front of people with it on BUT....I am happy nonetheless!

What are YOUR favorite Shoes? Are you rockin a new swimsuit this year?

Its Hot! Still gotta workout though! - Burpee Torture Challenge!

This week has been way hotter than our usual! It makes working out tough! It got up to 110 yesterday. Whew!

I had started the P90X program and was really enjoying it but this week has made it VERY difficult to get in those very long workouts. Each workout is around 50-60 mins AND then you do the abs which is another 20 minutes. I do believe the program works and its a great program to try BUT....I just dont always have that much time to workout! As I am SURE many of you do not either.

So I decided to do a totally different workout yesterday than what my P90x program required! I had a busy day and was not able to workout in the house and it was getting late. I had to take my son to his BMX race and did not want to skip out on some sort of workout. The BMX track is located near a small park and a large lake. It is PERFECT for working out b/c there is plenty of space. :)

I decided to take my daughter to the little park and I did my workout right there in the park area. They have a rubber mat floor and it was great for getting down on the ground!

So my workout was short, sweet and to the point (so that I would not miss my son and husband race)! I got yesterdays workout inspiration from Zuzanalight!I LOVE her stuff (look her up on YouTube).

This is the video I got my inspiration from! She did it slightly different and did 2 full rounds. I simply did not have that much time! BUT I wanted to show you the video of my inspiration b/c she shows you the Yoga Burpees and Abs Splitters!

THIS was my workout!

VERY quick warm up!
30 jumping Jacks
30 butt kickers
30 high knees

On to my circuit-
5 Yoga Burpees (THANK you Zuzana!) -
 *This is basically a burpee incorporating YOGA moves. You drop down into cobra position, move to downward dog, do a dive bomber and then jump up to complete the burpee!
5 Ab Splitters (ALSO Thank you Zuzana!) -
*This is a combo move. First complete a V-Up, Then a star crunch, then a bent knee ankle tap

THEN I alternated like this:
10 Burpees WITH a full guy push up, jumps in and out not steps AND an explosive jump to finish
20 Power Jump Squats
10 Burpees WITH a full guy push up, jumps in and out not steps AND an explosive jump to finish
20 Power Jump Squats

10 Burpees WITH a full guy push up, jumps in and out not steps AND an explosive jump to finish
20 Power Jump Squats

10 Burpees WITH a full guy push up, jumps in and out not steps AND an explosive jump to finish
20 Power Jump Squats

10 Burpees WITH a full guy push up, jumps in and out not steps AND an explosive jump to finish
20 Power Jump Squats

Then I RAN back to the BMX track (which was not real far but was a PERFECT end to my workout.

I also made sure to stretch once I was done!

You know...working out in front of people at a park can feel slightly awkward BUT oh well. You are doing what is BEST for yourself, and your body! DON'T let a little bit of awkwardness stop you from doing your workout!

I will say that I am sore this morning. Not excruciatingly so but definitely feel as though I got a really good workout completed yesterday!

This morning, I am sipping my coffee (Bold Green Mountain coffee with 2 tsp raw sugar and a splash of creamer) and eating some yummy oatmeal (uncut oats cooked with 2tsp of brown sugar and 2 tsp of maple syrup! YUMMY. Sometimes I will add nuts or berries but not today! :)

So what is YOUR workout today? Do you have it planned already?!?!?!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Total Body Interval Workout

Total Body

30 sec jumping jacks
10 sec rest
30 secs push ups (as many as you can do)
10 sec rest
wall sit 15-30 sec
10 sec rest
30 sec high knees
10 sec rest
30 sec shoulder press
10 sec rest
30 sec plies (sumo squats with ONE dumbell between legs)
10 sec rest
30 sec invisible jump rope
10 sec rest
30 sec dips
10 sec rest
30 sec squats
10 sec rest
30 sec jumping jacks
10 sec rest
30 secs of side ways scissor legs
10 sec rest
30 sec crunch
10 sec rest
30 sec jog in place
10 sec rest
30 sec saxon side bends

Feeling really pumped - REPEAT!

Download the HITT Interval Trainer app to your phone! set this for 30 sec intervals with 10 sec rest with 14 rounds!

My YouTube Channel

So I wanted to post a link to my YouTube! I will be posting my workout examples and videos there! :)

My YouTube Channel - CLICK HERE!

I posted a new workout today. I completed 2 rounds of this workout in the 10 mins PLUS 8 more twisted push ups!

This workout consisted of:

10 Mins - Max rounds
5 - Twisted Push ups
10 - Squat Jumps
10 - Dynamic Squats
5 SETS - 10 kick ups with toe tap
10- Prisoner Get Ups

I am super excited to tell you all that I am FINALLY studying for my CPT certification! YAY!!! Wont be long now and I will be a pro. :)

I am going through NASM and I can not wait to be certified! I am currently helping a few of my friends and family and they all are having success! I will hopefully be able to post their testimonies in here. :)

I plan to update my blog with many of the workouts that I do! Almost ALL of my workouts are completed AT home!!