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I am 31 years old and have been married to my high school sweetheart for 13 years now! We have two children, one boy (9) and one girl (7)! I was very athletic in High School and began modeling and working out right after high School. I had been a steady size 5 in high school and went down to a size 1 for modeling! I was so skinny! Anyways, after two complicated pregnancies on bed rest for months, I found myself 90 lbs heavier! I have struggled for 9 years now trying to get the weight off. I have finally gotten somewhere!!! :



Monday, September 6, 2010

So yesterday I was really good with my diet and today I have been really good as well! I was working out and eating right but gaining weight.....MY DOWNFALL - MARGARITAS!!!  I love those things and they were making me fat! lol. I can't help it....summer equals margaritas for me. lol. 

Anyways, I last night I did 10 assisted pull-ups, hands forward and backwards. Then I did 17 guy push ups with 15 girl push ups. I also did wide, diamond and close handed push ups. I did dips 25 and squats 30. I did several jumping jacks and 20 crunches with 20 bicycle each side. Oh and also 30 reverse crunches! 

I did loose 1.5 lbs last week! Yay! I have one more week left to loose more weight. Now that I know what my culprit is....I should do much better! 

Oh and I have been wanting to purchase and interval timer and then I thought.....what about an app for that. lol. I have the droid market and I found one! Yay! Its free and now I can do interval workouts so much better! Can't wait. 

I think tonight I may try to get in a Body Rock.tv workout. I LOVE her workouts. I will be sure to update you on what I accomplished.

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